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FC Tuxpan
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Welcome to the East End Men's Soccer League Administration page, you will find the league's bylaws and help on joining the league as an individual or team. Remember, as an individual, the league roster closes on the third week of play. Below you will find advice on joining, if possible.
All scheduled games are played on Wednesday night at Herrick Park. Directions to Herrick Park!

  • Due to the fact that the league is given a short time slot to play all of its games on Wednesday night, only six teams are permitted.
  • New teams will be asked to join the league only if one of the current playing teams leaves or is ejected from the league.
  • Individual players can try to join a team but many of the teams know the players around the east end area and if they do not know how you play, it will be difficult to join a team. But players have joined as walk ons
  • If you still want to join a team, come to the first week of play and ask around or e-mail the league for advice. The sooner you come and try to find a team the better since team roster deadline is the third week of play!


League Contacts:

 Information -
 President Leslie
 Web-Master Leslie

Team Fees:

Fee: $375.00 per team per each season(spring and fall). Entry fee due by the 3rd week of each play season. Failure to meet either of the above payment deadlines will result in a forfeit and eventual ejection from the league.
Forfeits: If a team forfeits a game during the season, they must pay a $25.00 fine by their next match!
Referees: No payment for referees will be collected. Referee is paid from the team league entry fee.