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Post Game Analysis: July 11th, 2018 - 7th week
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2018.07.11 Video Highlights

Standings as of July 11th
21Hampton FC
10Sag Harbor
6FC Tuxpan
1Bonac FC

Player Quits after One Season
Fall 200047%
Fall 200549%
Fall 201056%
Fall 201565%

The graph above shows what percentage of players quit the league after just one season. It looks like 65% of the players that join the league give up after only one season. Could it be because of the physical play? The trend is going up.

Remember to pick up all your water bottles and garbage before you leave the field. We do not want the village to say that we leave the park in a mess!

Weekly Discipline List


After this week of play, it seems that Hampton FC and Tortorella Pools will finish in the two top spots. As it looks, Hampton FC will finish in 1st place followed by Tortorella Pools. Now to the 3rd and 4th place position. It is between Sag Harbor and Maidstone Market. Maidstone has a three point lead over Sag Harbor but they play against each other on the last week of the regular season. It should be anotherexiciting finish to the season. In the end, the last week of the regular season, it could end up if the games go the right way, 1st place being contested by Hampton FC and Tortorella Pools and 3rd place contested by Maidstone Market and Sag Harbor.

Since Bonac FC has left the league, any team that plays them in the second half of the season will win by forfeit along with each team member being credited with attendance unless you were given a red card or a second yellow card and would have had to sit out the game anyway.

In the 'Golden Boot' competition, with Gehider Garcia of Hampton FC scoring two goals aganst FC Tuxpan, he is now three goals ahead of David Rodriguez of Tortorella Pools. It should be a good finish.

The table below lists all the players who are short the 3 game minimum needed to be eligible for the playoffs. You have three(3) more weeks left in the regular season for them to show up.

En la tabla de abajo se enumeran todos los jugadores que tienen menos de 3 mínimos de juego necesarios para ser elegibles para los playoffs. Tienes tres (3) semanas más en la temporada regular para que ellos Aparecer.

Games played so far, need three for playoffs
2 Valverde, ErnestoMaidstone Market
2 Portillo, CarlosFC Tuxpan
2 Olaya, MarioMaidstone Market
2 Girvala, JoseFC Tuxpan
2 Correa, LuisMaidstone Market
1 Caiazca, CraigTortorella Pools
1 Gonzalez, TonoHampton FC - Pool Shark
1 Bolanos, AlejandroTortorella Pools
1 Barahona, JulianMaidstone Market

Remember, Be the first to score and you have a 73% chance of winning it!

FC TuxpanvsHampton FC - Pool Shark
0 3

Game Photographs:
Gehider Garcia of Hampton FC - Pool Shark on the attack QuiQue Araya, the Hampton FC - Pool Shark goalie Carlos Juarez of Hampton FC(right) about to get around Faustino Meza of FC Tuxpan Gorge Santos of FC Tuxpan(front) protecting the ball from Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC Fabian Arias of Hampton FC, has been play for 20 years now Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan(right) stole the ball from Fabian Arias of Hampton FC Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC(rear) watching where Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan will dribble the ball Gorge Santos of FC Tuxpan  Faustino Meza of FC Tuxpan(left) and Gerber Garcia of Hampton FC watching the ball Jonathan Lizano of FC Tuxpan(left) about to get by Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC

FC Tuxpan :

Hampton FC - Pool Shark :
Gehider Garcia(2), Maicol Parra,

Video high lights of the match found here.

FC Tuxpan Play Short

For this game, FC Tuxpan would play the entire game with just six men, a player short. At first they were playing well with a strong attack but they could not keep up against Hampton FC who had seven men. Only one goal scored in the fist half was when Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC hit the ball to team mate Gehider Garcia who from about 10 yards hit the ball as it was in the air into the net.

FC Tuxpan Plays Well

During the second half of play, FC Tuxpan had some chances to score and in the end, played well. Garica scored his second goal of the night when he received the ball at the 15 yards line and was able to dribble past several defenders and blast the ball into the net from about five yards out.

The last goal for Hampton FC was scored by Maicol Parra from inside the goalie box. A nice win for Hampton FC.

Maidstone MarketvsTortorella Pools
1 2

Game Photographs:
David Rodriguez of Tortorella Pools Jorge Alvarado of Maidstone Market(left) and David Rodriguez of Tortorella Pools watching the ball Orlando Bautista of Maidstone Market, getting around Nick Escalante of Tortorella Pools

Maidstone Market :
Jorge Alvarado,

Tortorella Pools :
Nick Escalante, Esteban Uchupaille,

Video high lights of the match found here.

Maidstone Starts Without a Goalie

Maidstone's regular goalie, Alex Mesa, arrived later in the game so that Luis Barrera had to fill in until Masa showed up. During this time, Tortorella Pools could not score but were attacking well. Tortorella had many chances in front of the Maidstone goal but would take very poor shots. Tortorella Pools had a chance to score more than one. Nick Escalante scored for Tortorella Pools off a 15 yard grounder.

Minutes later, Mathew Ramirez hits a pass to the far post, where team mate Jorge Alvarado heads the ball into the Tortorella Pools goal to tie up the game.

Tortorella Pools Pulls it Out

During the second half of play, Tortorella Pools had many chances to score but could not finish. They at times were lucky since they were caught short on defense several times but Maidstone could not convert that advantage into a goal. With time running short, and Maidstone having the defenders play near the mid field line, this gave Tortorella Pools several opportunities to score. Tortorella had them but could not convert until the last one. This time Escalante had the ball and was inside the Maidstone goalie and hit it to his left to Estaban Ucxhupaillie, who from about five yards hit the grounder into the net past Mesa's hands.

With just seconds left in the game, Luis Correa of Maidstone had the ball in front of the Tortorella Pools goal. Correa is able to beat Craig Caiazca, of Tortorella Pools and only Stiven Orrego was protecting the goal. Correa being about four yards instead of firing a low shot into the net to tie up the game, instead chips the ball over the cross bar to lose the game for Maidstone. A great win for Tortorella Pools.

Bonac FCvsSag Harbor United
0 2
* * Forfeit * *

Game Photographs:

Bonac FC :

Sag Harbor United :

Sag Harbor Win

Due to the fact that Bonac FC has left the league, an automatic win for Sag Harbor.