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Post Game Analysis: December 3rd, 2018 - 12th week
2018.12.03 Video Highlights

Avg Seasons of play for team member
Sag Harbor United4.1(4.0)
FC Tuxpan6.8(5.4)
Hampton Construction8.3(7.8)
Hampton Pool Shark13.7(11.6)
Maidstone Market14.0(13.5)
Tortorella Pools20.0(17.3)

*Note: ()- had oldest and youngest player removed.
You must have played at least 3 games this season.

Looks like Tortorella Pools is the oldest team in the league again.

Remember to pick up all your water bottles and garbage before you leave the field. We do not want the village to say that we leave the park in a mess!

Weekly Discipline List
Escalante, NickTortorella Pools1st Red2 Games+$10

Due to Hampton Pool Shark not paying the league fee, team members will be required to pay their share if they continue to play in the league
Almansa, JoseHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Araya, QuiQueHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Diaz, CristianHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Garcia, GerberHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Garcia, GehiderHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Guzman, WilmerHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Jimenez, RobinssonHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Juerez, CarlosHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Juarez, EddyHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Parra, MaicolHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34
Salazar,DanielHampton Pool SharkShare Team Fee$34


The championship game was played on a comfortable night. The temperature was in the low 40's but little or no wind. Both sides were ready for this game. As to the game, FC Tuxpan came out strong and played their best game of the season. On the other hand, Tortorella Pools played on of their worst games of the season and the final result shows. In the end, FC Tuxpan won the game.

Remember, Be the first to score and you have a 73% chance of winning it!

FC TuxpanvsTortorella Pools
7 2

Game Photographs:
David Rodriguez of Tortorella Pools getting ready for the kick off Gorge Santos of FC Tuxpan blasting the ball up the field Gio Espinoza(left) with Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan and Nick Escalante of Tortorella Pools watching the ball Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan on the attack Cristian Munoz(left) and Cristian Gonzalez of Tortorella Pools going for the ball Gio Espinoza of FC Tuxpan doing a fake move Gio Espinoza of FC Tuxpan(left) contemplating getting around Nick Escalante of Tortorella Pools Jorge Naula of Tortorella Pools(left) taking a shot at the FC Tuxpan goal Jorge Naula of Tortorella Pools( Esteban Uchupaille of Tortorella Pools preventing Alberto Carreto of FC Tuxpan from heading toward the goal FC Tuxpan - Fall 2018 Champions

FC Tuxpan :
Donald Martinez(2), Faustino Meza(5),

Tortorella Pools :
Nick Escalante(2),

FC Tuxpan 2018 Champions

Video high lights of the match found here.

FC Tuxpan Takes Early Lead

This game would consists of two 30 minute halves. From the start, FC Tuxpan came out strong and were attacking well. Tortorella had a hard time clearing the ball out of their half. Poor marking and passing did them in. FC Tuxpan took the lead just five minutes into the game. Donald Martinez of FC Tuxpan gets the ball and is able to beat a Tortorella Pool's defender and from about seven yards blast the ball into the near post net.

At the 7th minute, Martinez hits the ball to Faustino Meza who scores.

At the 20th minute, David Rodriguez of Tortorella Pools hits the ball to Nick Escalante, who from about 25 yards blasts a ball between the legs of Pedro Agoddo of FC Tuxpan.

FC Tuxpan pulls away when Meza hits a 15 yard grounder into the net.

Tortorella Pools was falling apart. The last goal of the half was scored by Meza who was standing near the goal post. Meza got the ball and hit it between the legs of Craig Caiazza of Tortorella Pools.

FC Tuxpan Keeps on Scoring

The game was all but over. The team leading at the half wins 82% of the time. FC Tuxpan being three goals up were guaranteed to win. So just four minutes into the second half, 34th minute, Escalante took a direct kick from about 20 yards out. The ball was a low grounder that deflected off Agoddo's leg into the net as he was standing by the goal line.

The next goal was scored by FC Tuxpan when Jose Gutierrez fires the ball toward the goal. Running toward the ball to grab it was Caiazza. Also running toward the ball was Meza. As Caiazza grabbed the ball, Meza collided with Caiazza. Caiazza dropped the ball and Meza was able to kick it into the net. The referee did not make a call.

The next goal was scored by Martinez. Martinez had the ball and dribbled toward the near goal post. Caiazza came out to block the shot but Martinez was able to kick the ball past Caiazza from about five yards out into the net.

At this point all was lost for Tortorella Pools. Escalante was taken down from behind and the referee did not call a foul. Escalante was given a yellow card but as he was walking off the field he kept talking about the call and the referee gave him a red card. Tortorella would play a man down.

The last goal for FC Tuxpan was scored by Meza. A loose ball rolls to him and from about 15 yards blasts a grounder into the far post net. A great win for FC Tuxpan.