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Post Game Analysis: October 17th, 2018 - 3rd week
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2018.09.19 Video Highlights

Standings as of October 17th
6FC Tuxpan
6Hampton Sharks
6Tortorella Pools
4Sag Harbor
0Hampton Construction

Remember to pick up all your water bottles and garbage before you leave the field. We do not want the village to say that we leave the park in a mess!

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A good week of play since last was the lights at Herrick Park were vandalized and all games were canceled. The teams are looking good this season with Hampton Construction not playing that well. As a team they should be doing better. In the end, it should be a very competitive season.

Remember, Be the first to score and you have a 73% chance of winning it!

Hampton ConstructionvsFC Tuxpan
1 2

Game Photographs:
Giovany Espinoza of FC Tuxpan on the attack Gorge Santos of FC Tuxpan(left) about to get by Jonathan Lizano of Hampton Construction

Hampton Construction :
Sanuel Morales,

FC Tuxpan :
Jose Gutierrez, Faustino Meza,

Hampton Construction Takes the Lead

It did not take Hampton long to score. Rafael Santos of Hampton hit the ball to Samual Morales, who from inside the goalie box scored.

FC Tuxpan Takes the Lead

FC Tuxpan was able to tie the game up when Christain Neira hit the ball to Faustino Meza who hit the volley into the net.

Later in the half, Meza hit the ball to Jose Gutierrez, who scored to give FC Tuxpan the win.

Hampton FC - Shark PoolsvsTortorella Pools
1 3

Game Photographs:
Nick Escalante of Tortorella Pools

Hampton FC - Shark Pools :
Cristian Diaz,

Tortorella Pools :
Nick Escalante, Eddie Lopez, Stiven Orrego,

Tortorella Pools in Control

Tortorella Pools was playing well defensively by not giving Hampton any good hard shots on the net. Romulo Tubatan of Tortorella Pools was playing back in defense and rarely went up into an offensive position. Tortorella scored first when Eddie Lopez blasted the ball into the net from inside the penalty kick box.

Minutes later, Nick Escalante of Tortorella Pools hits the ball to Stiven Orrego, who is standing near the goal post. Orrego hits the ball into the net.

The last goal for Tortorella Pools was a mistake made by Hampton goalie, Duvan Castro. Castro by mistake hits the ball to Esteban Uchupaille of Tortorella Pools. Uchupaille then hits the ball to team mate Escalante , who hits the ball into the net.

Hampon Pool Shark Prevent the Shot Out

Hampton came out strong during the second half. Hampton was taking many on goal shots but Tortorella Pools goalie, Craig Caiazca, had it under control. In the end, Hampton was able to score when the ball was bouncing in front of the Tortorella Pools goal and Cristian Diaz of Hampton was able to hit the ball into the net when next to the goal post. A great win for Tortorella Pools.

Sag Harbor UnitedvsMaidstone Market
1 1

Game Photographs:
Juan Chavez of Sag Harbor(rear) about to trap the ball Alexis Sanchez of Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor United :
Francisco Bonilla(own goal:1), Juan Chavez,

Maidstone Market :

Even Half

Both sides were attacking well with Sag Harbor missing their best scorer, Marlon Ellis. Both sides were taking shots but Sag Harbor was missing their regular goalie. Maidstone was able to score but got on the scoreboard when Franciso Bonilla of Sag Harbor scored into his own goal. An 'own goal' for Francisco.

Sag Harbor able to tie the game up

During the second half, Sag Harbor came out strong and at the 33rd minute, about 13 minutes left in the game, scored. Juan Chavez scored from inside the goalie box to tie the game.